Abbie is a highly skilled Veterinary Assistant at Crestview with over two years of experience in animal care. She is currently pursuing a degree in Veterinary Technology at APP State and brings her passion for animals to her work every day. In her free time, Abbie is also the Music Director at her church and enjoys participating in community events and sharing her love of music. Abbie has her own furry friends at home, including a Great Dane named Sophie, two cats named Peaches and Punky, a rabbit named Penelope, and a North American Spotted Haflinger named Waffles.

Chase is on our animal care team here at Crestview and has always loved animals. He has a special bond with his pets, “Atlas” a full black German Shepherd who is 11 years old, “Athena” a 3-year-old calico tabby, and “Apollo,” a 6-week-old domestic shorthair mixed with a Maine Coon. When Chase isn’t working, he enjoys delving into the world of science and expanding his knowledge. Chase has a particular interest in space and ocean-related topics, and he brings his love for animals and science to his work every day.