Surgical procedures

Crestview Veterinary Hospital also offers most surgical procedures onsite.  In addition to spays and neuters, Dr. Sewell offers a wide range of orthopedic procedures including repair of torn knee ligaments and repair of most fractures.  Soft tissue procedures are also available, including mastectomies, retrieval of objects lodged in the stomach, and removal of most tumors.  The staff especially enjoys the rewards of a cesarean birth.

Patient comfort and safety are very important.  Each patient receives customized pain management to stay comfortable.  Surgical patients are monitored intraoperatively by pulse oximetry, an EKG monitor, a trained assistant , and the veterinarian.  Your pet's welfare is our top priority.

Recovering after a dental cleaning.  Nothing like warm blankets to make you feel better.

"Center for Compassionate Care"

Dr. Sewell and Chrystal in femoral head ostectomy surgery.

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