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Summertime can be a very fun time for you and your pet, if you keep some safety tips in mind.  

1.) Pet's in hot cars?  Not cool!  Every year children and pets die in hot cars.  It's not safe, even for a few minutes.  The pictures above can help.  There are always alternatives to leaving your pet alone in the car.  Drive thrus, pet friendly stores and restaurants are all great options.  If no options work, please keep your pet at home.

2.) Make sure your pet has fresh, cold water to drink.  This is important whether they're inside or outside. 

3.) We have a lot of picnics, cookouts and camping during the summer months.  Unfortunately this is an opportunity for your pet to get access to unhealthy foods.  Bones, alcohol, onions, chocolate, grapes/raisins all pose  health risks to your pet.  Even food that's not toxic can cause stomach upsets, so be sure to keep these things out of your pets reach.  And train your family and guest to not feed your pets.

4.) Keep exercise and walk times to early morning or late evening.  Too much exertion can lead to heat stroke and hot pavement can cause damage to your dog's foot pads.

5.) Keep parasites away.  Fleas and tick populations explode during the summer months.  These parasites can infect your pet with things like tapeworms, heartworm infection and Lyme disease.  See your veterinarian for their recommendations on preventatives. 

6.: Make sure your pet has ID tags on.  We highly recommend microchipping as well.  During the summer we're going in and out of our homes far more frequently and that leaves doors open for pets to get out.  A lost pet is heartbreaking and ID tags and microchips are a fantastic way to make sure they find their way home.

Below is a chart with the signs of heatstroke in your pet. 

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